Revolution not only in CRM or the first Czech conference on Low-code and No-code

Revolution not only in CRM or the first Czech conference on Low-code and No-code

🚀 Join us at the 1st Czech Conference on Low-code and No-code, which will take place on November 2, 2023 from 13:00 at Spojka Karlín in Prague.

Are you ready to explore the future of enterprise application development? 📱💡 You have a unique opportunity to meet representatives of leading platforms in the field of Low-code and No-code and get interesting information about the changing landscape of enterprise application development.

Immerse yourself in a day full of inspiring talks and get practical advice from practitioners that you can use straight away in your projects. 🌐🔍

Conference programme

13:00 – Opening and welcome

  • Introduction on the importance of Low-code and No-code development.

13:20 – First block of lectures

  • Presentations from leading experts in the field of Low-code and No-code and introduction of Metada, Jetveo, Addapptio and Creatio platforms

16:00 – Break and refreshments

17:00 – Second block of lectures

  • More inspiring presentations and case studies of Medix, ServiceNow and Tabidoo platforms

19:00 – Closing remarks

20:00 – After party and panel discussion

  – Nenechte si ujít after párty, kde se nabízí další příležitost k navázání kontaktů a panelové diskuse, kde budete mít příležitost se dostat v téma ještě hlouběji. 🎉🤝

Panel discussion

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the panel discussion. Are you hesitating whether you should buy a VIP ticket to this conference?

👉 We are introducing the stellar 💫 line-up of the panel discussion, which will be open to VIP ticket holders:

  • Jan Hejtmánek – PARTNER Deloitte, CE
  • Martin Cizler – VICE PRESIDENT Make
  • Honza Dolejš – CEO – Digiskills
  • Petr Bernadič – CEO – Everyone Sells
  • Adam Bárta – Digital Solutions Consultant

The panel discussion will be moderated by Petr Schwank, guaranteeing a dynamic and comprehensive course.

Registration – Basic and VIP tickets

Buy your ticket and don’t miss the opportunity to learn about how enterprise applications will be created in the future. If you buy a VIP ticket, you will also enjoy a moderated panel discussion with leading experts in the evening! 

We look forward to seeing you! 👋👩‍💼👨‍💼

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