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Gain control over your projects and team and increase your company's profit

Caflou will help you effectively manage your entire company and its finances. It allows you to monitor cash flow and predict its future development. You will get rid of routine work, reduce errors, improve teamwork and increase the company’s performance. All in one place. From anywhere and at an affordable price.

Simplify your work, gain control and increase your company's profit

Workflow optimization

Project Management

Plan and manage projects and tasks using modern tools such as WBS, Gantt charts and Kanban boards.
Manage project profitability, plan project expenditures and revenues, from line item budget to project cash flow.
Get rid of manual data entry with smart automation.
Budget and cash flow

Financial management

Track and monitor all income and expenses, plan the cash flow of the entire company and projects.
Plan and manage your company and project budgets.
Automate financial management, link invoicing to cash flow and bank account movements.
Digitisation of processes

Work automation

Eliminate routine work and manual data entry, minimize errors. Easily set up your own automated processes in your company.
Create projects or tasks from templates, via email or completely automatically based on rules you set yourself.
Take advantage of automation and digitize your business activities, from automatic task creation and entry to digital contract signatures and invoicing.

Who is the solution suitable for?

B2B Services

Financial Services

Real Estate




All in one management system Caflou

Selected references of implementations

Take a look at selected project examples.

Before Caflou, we tried several different enterprise applications and found that simplicity is power. We were also looking for a tool with an overlap into financial management and that’s where Caflou is unique.

Kamil Juřík
Managing Director, Accelapps (IT)

What we implemented:

Caflou implementation

In addition to automated processes, the main benefits of Caflou include an overall overview of orders and company operations, consistency of information and time savings. Previously, we used several applications (one for projects, another for CRM, another for sales, etc.) that did not communicate with each other. So we were looking for a system that would connect everything into a single unit, so that everyone in the company would have an overview of the status and history of each order.

Jan Mráz and Kateřina Martincová
Sales and order realization, Keyguru (custom production)

What we implemented:

Caflou implementation

We monitor profitability in real time and create bids based on data from previous projects. Thanks to more efficient team management, easier communication and no need to constantly track down information, the performance of the entire company has also increased. Project profitability has increased by an average of 40%.

Klára Klevisová
CEO, Creative One (marketing)

What we implemented:

Caflou implementation

Why Plexima?

We are the exclusive partner for hundreds of applications and systems worldwide.

Turnkey and worry-free

We will guide you through a proven process from the initial analysis, through system implementation to administration and optimization.

We have implemented dozens of projects

We have experience in the field of application and CRM system implementations since 2000. Over these years, we have spent more than 70,000 working hours in systems, which makes us familiar with all the possibilities and pitfalls.

We provide long-term service

One of our principles is long-term partnership and customer satisfaction. That's why we provide a long-term service, where we are always available for any improvements.

Implementation procedure

See best practice implementation

1. step

Demo version, demonstration or initial contact

As a first step, we'll introduce you to Cafla: give you demo access or show you what the system looks like.

2. step

Audit your requirements and qualification needs

We will then audit your requirements and qualify your needs, based on which we will suggest a way to implement Caflou.

3. step

We will present a draft implementation of Caflou

During the presentation, we will show you how Caflou will be implemented in your company and guide you through the entire implementation process.

4. step

Caflou implementation

As part of the implementation, we will customize Caflou and make all connections of external services to the system. We will also set up all automation processes.

5. step

Optimisation and customer care

After handing over your new system, we will arrange a follow-up evaluation of its use and possible optimization. In case you need any adjustments or modifications to the system, we are always at your disposal.


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