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Up to 40% of companies are not satisfied with their current corporate system.

The main reasons include poor integration, lack of user-friendliness, clarity, little flexibility and high operating costs.

If your team feels that the data they enter into the company system is almost meaningless, then it’s hard to convince your colleagues to use the company system the way you need them to.

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I have been involved in automation, process setup, application development and implementation of business systems for over 20 years.

I find weak points in companies’ processes, design new ones or streamline existing ones. I have helped hundreds of companies and projects to improve their performance by automating processes, especially administrative and business ones.

In these 20 years, the same scenario has often been repeated over and over again – lack of assignment and ignorance of one’s own needs. This then leads to a poor choice of company system, which the company tries to replace within a few years. A self-audit of requirements and needs is the most important part of the process of choosing the right business system.

Eduard Hlava, co-founder,

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