Comprehensive analysis of company processes and turnkey implementation of a company-wide system.

At Plexima, we work with a portfolio of 100+ possible solutions and can implement a customized system for any company. Even yours.

Turning corporate chaos into order in 3 steps.

Step 1

Determination of needs

We’ll take a detailed look at your company’s processes and then propose specific automation options, solutions and implement a suitable SaaS solution or a combination of both.

ERP implementace řešení
Step 2

Implementation of the solution

We deliver a complete digital solution using no-code / low-code platforms.

Step 3

Long-term service and care

Even after the implementation, we are still your partner, taking care of enhancements and new solutions based on your company’s emerging needs.

Interested in learning more about process automation and enterprise system implementation?

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Eduard Hlava
Co-owner | Plexima

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