Automatic data extraction from documents

Are you still rewriting the data manually?

Automate processes and save time on transcribing data from documents. Use your professional workforce more efficiently. DOCU-X OCR reads data from scanned and electronic documents for you and stores it in the information system with minimal errors.

Speed up document entry into the system by up to 80%

Do not overwrite data from documents

Ability to extract almost any type of document (invoices, delivery notes, orders, technical sheets, etc.)
Speeding up the entry of e.g. invoices into the accounting system by up to 80%
Minimum error rate thanks to automatic checks


Document processing with minimal user intervention
Algorithms that allow DOCU-X to learn to mine almost any type of document
Automatic control of extracted data against the accounting system

Interactions on your systems

Integration to ERP, CRM, DMS, etc.
Can run standalone as an add-on to your system
Integrations developed directly with the manufacturers of the systems concerned (quality assurance)

Who is the solution suitable for?

B2B Services

Financial Services

Real Estate




DOCU-X OCR Automatic data extraction from corporate documents

Selected references of implementations

Take a look at selected project examples.

Invoices and other documents were processed manually by ASB staff and entered into the individual systems separately. The high volume of documents placed high demands on performance, resulting in a high error rate.

What we implemented:

Automated document checks
Reducing the inspection process from 60 minutes to just 2 minutes
Certified solution for ERP Helios Inuvio


We were pleased with the availability, reliability, pleasant user environment, and good price/performance ratio. So far, we are able to post twice as many invoices as before the introduction of DOCU-X. However, I think the efficiency will increase as DOCU-X continues to learn. We are also seeing savings in binders, paper and toner due to the electronic invoice process.

Adam Binar
Chief Operating Officer

What we implemented:

Extraction of accounting documents and integration to ERP KARAT

The original process of processing incoming invoices was quite complex, as the reception desk manually processed documents for several companies and countries. Mistakes were made and the daily processing time was 4.5 hours per person.


What we implemented:

Speed up invoice entry by 78%
Savings 105 per year
Reduction of error rate to 0%

Why Plexima?

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Turnkey and worry-free

We will guide you through a proven process from the initial analysis, through system implementation to administration and optimization.

We have implemented dozens of projects

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We provide long-term service

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DOCU-X implementation procedure

See the best practice of DOCU-X implementation

1. step

Demo version, demonstration or initial contact

As a first step, we'll get you acquainted: we'll give you demo access or show you what the system looks like.

2. step

Audit your requirements and qualification needs

We will then audit your requirements and qualify your needs, based on which we will suggest a method of implementation.

3. step

We will present a proposal for implementation

During the presentation, we will show you how the application will be implemented in your company and guide you through the entire implementation process.

4. step


As part of the implementation, we will customize your application and make all connections of external services to the system. We will also set up all automation processes.

5. step

Optimisation and customer care

After handing over your new system, we will arrange a follow-up evaluation of its use and possible optimization. In case you need any adjustments or modifications to the system, we are always at your disposal.


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