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Are you considering implementing a new corporate system?

Implement the right corporate system that will help you automate processes and enhance your business and marketing results.

Download the free workbook and gain a valuable guide to create an analysis of your own needs and requirements, which you can easily provide to potential suppliers of corporate systems.

Workbook Contents:

Workbook Contents:

What is the workbook for?

Up to 40% of corporate system users are dissatisfied with their current system.

The main reasons include poor integration, user-friendliness, lack of clarity, limited flexibility, and high operational costs.

Download the free PDF workbook and conduct an audit of your own requirements and needs, enabling you to precisely define the right system for your company.

About the Author

The workbook was prepared by Eduard Hlava CEO,

With over 20 years of experience in automation, process optimization, application development, and corporate system implementation, I identify weaknesses in company processes and propose new or more efficient solutions. I have helped hundreds of companies and projects improve their performance by automating administrative and business processes.

Throughout these 20 years, the same scenario has been repeated over and over – inadequate specifications and lack of knowledge about their own needs. This subsequently leads to the wrong choice of a corporate system, which the company then tries to replace within a few years. Conducting your own audit of requirements and needs is crucial for selecting the right corporate system.

For who

Who is the workbook for?






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Are you selecting a new corporate system?

Implementing a new corporate system is not a simple process. That’s why we have prepared a workbook for you, which will help you create an analysis of your own needs and requirements, allowing you to provide a clear overview to potential suppliers of corporate systems.

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With such a self-audit, you can ensure that you choose a corporate system that will truly deliver business and marketing results for your company.