We increase business and marketing results through magical automation and the implementation of appropriate business systems.

We specialize in automating routine activities, sharing data across all the apps you use and implementing CRM/ERP systems. Without using code.


Plexima helps the following companies to develop their business:

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Faster company growth

Don’t force anyone on your team to remember a deadline or track it in 3 different systems.

We can automate the business:

Close deals faster with defined processes.

Automate routine activities of your sales department.

Control the entire sales process and monitor your results in real time.

More powerful marketing campaigns.

Leads, their stage and analysis all well arranged in one place. Without lifting a finger.

We can automate marketing:

Automatic collection of incoming leads into one system.

Overview of how leads move through your purchase funnel.

Clear graphs and dashboards to analyze the efficiency of your online marketing.

Effective customer care and maintaining long-lasting trust.

Quick and personalized responses to customer inquiries will help increase the value of each customer’s experience for your benefit.

We can automate customer care:

Increased loyalty of your customers through timely and fast responses.

Managing customer requests and their automation thanks to system processes.

A more personal approach to your customers, thanks to quality information that is all in one place.

Automation of your business processes.

No, you don’t have to search through 10 different systems. It’s all connected, trust us. 🙂

We can automate business processes:

Process automation using tools like Make, Zapier, UiPath and more.

Consulting not only processes, but also business and marketing strategies.

Delivery of complete digital solutions using no-code / low-code platforms.

Selection and implementation of suitable CRM/ERP systems

Easy integration, user-friendliness, simplicity, high flexibility and low operating costs.

We can deliver a tailor-made business system:

Marketing, sales, process and customer care automation.

CRM/ERP system without coding and fat invoices.

Overview of all data and statuses in one system.

Do you just need a consultation and analysis?

We provide consultation and support to help you choose the right CRM/ERP system and automate your business processes. We offer our help with a smooth transition and maximization of the benefits of new technologies.

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We work in more than 100 globally known SaaS applications.


Thinking about deploying a new business system?

Implement the right company system to help you automate processes and increase business and marketing results.

Download the FREE work-book and get a useful guide to create an analysis of your own needs and requirements, which you will be able to clearly specify to a potential supplier of a company system.

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Contents of the work-book:

Contents of the work-book:

Download the work-book

Deploying a new business system is not the easiest process, so we have prepared a work-book for you that could help you create an analysis of your own needs and requirements, which you can clearly assign to a potential supplier of a business system.

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