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A comprehensive CRM/ERP system for the management
of your company of your sales of your industry 

We help large and medium-sized companies implement the Creatio system with absolute individualization of company processes.

Why Plexima?

We are the exclusive partner of Creatio for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Turnkey and worry-free

We will guide you through a proven process from initial analysis, through implementation of the CRM/ERP system to administration and optimization.

We have implemented dozens of projects

We have been working with Creatio since 2012. During these years we have spent more than 10,000 working hours in the CRM/ERP system, thanks to which we know all the possibilities and pitfalls of this tool.

We provide long-term service

One of our principles is long-term partnership and customer satisfaction. That is why we provide a long-term service where we are always available for any improvements.

Creatio transforms chaos into order

Marketing processes

Effective management of your marketing

Sales agenda

Convenient and consistent record keeping for your business

Customer care

More timely and personal customer care

Who is the CRM/ERP solution suitable for?

B2B Services

Financial Services

Real Estate




What the complex Creatio system can do

Marketing processes

Complete customer overview

Marketing processes

Complete customer overview

Do you like the CRM/ERP system Creatio? Would you like to learn more about it?
We will prepare a demo access or show you how you can use it.

CRM/ERP system implementation procedure

Take a look at the best practices for implementing the Creatio CRM/ERP system.

Step 1

Demo version, demonstration or initial contact

As a first step, we'll introduce you to Creatio: give you demo access or show you what the system looks like.

Step 2

Audit of your requirements and qualification needs

We will then audit your requirements and qualify your needs, based on which we will suggest a way to implement the Creatio CRM/ERP system.

Step 3

We will present a draft implementation of Creatio

During the presentation, we will show you how Creatio will be implemented in your company and guide you through the entire implementation process.

Step 4

CRM/ERP system implementation

As part of the implementation, we will customize Creatio and make all connections of external services to the CRM/ERP system. We will also set up all automation processes.

Step 5

Optimisation and customer care

After handing over your new CRM/ERP system, we will arrange a follow-up evaluation of its use and possible optimization. Should you need any adjustments or modifications to the system, we are always available.


Creatio CRM/ERP system award


It’s the third year in a row that Creatio has been recognized as a Leader by Gartner for our sales force automation offering. We are inspired to see that the versatility and agility of our platform allows sales teams from various industries globally close deals easier and faster thanks to enabling accelerated workflow automation with no-code tools and composable approach to sales application development” 
said Katherine Kostereva, Founder and CEO of Creatio.

Selected references of Creatio implementations

Take a look at selected project examples.

Are you interested in CRM/ERP system Creatio?

Great! Let’s take a closer look. You can explore it using the demo approach, or we’ll show you the capabilities and features of the CRM/ERP system during a demonstration. This is all free.

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