Create customised apps without programming knowledge

Low-code is a faster, more efficient and cost-effective way to build business applications

Do you need to organize your data, create a CRM, keep an eye on deadlines, improve task organization or get a comprehensive overview of your business? With Tabidoo’s low-code platform, you can build your own apps that meet your company’s specific needs. In addition, ready-made templates are available, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost in the beginning.

Low-code increases the availability of customised application development

I want to run the company efficiently

Low-code- Do it yourself

With Tabidoo you are not dependent on a team of developers. You can make changes yourself or with the help of Tabidoo partners. Anyone who needs a customized app can easily create one.
I want to run the company efficiently

Efficiency- Save time and money

Do you want to build a business application quickly, efficiently, but are also looking for a way to reduce development costs? Tabidoo is a way to do just that and avoid complex and expensive coding.
I want to run the company efficiently

Comprehensive - Everything under one roof

Do you already have a lot of applications in your company and need all these programs to communicate better? Tabidoo easily connects to your existing systems. This allows you to automate and streamline the work of your entire team.

Who is the solution suitable for?

B2B Services

Financial Services

Real Estate




How to try Tabidoo easily and for free?

Selected references of implementations

Take a look at selected project examples.

HANÁK Centrum, a Czech interior design shop, implemented Tabidoo’s digital solution to optimize its data management and workflows. Previously dependent on Excel spreadsheets, the company now has a cloud-based database and automated systems for attendance, ordering and reporting. This has enabled the company to centralize data, streamline processes and improve collaboration between team members. In addition, the new system is integrated with their e-store and quotes, which has ensured consistency in pricing. Overall, this has increased efficiency and improved the quality of the company’s service.

What we implemented:

digital solutions to optimise your data management and workflows
cloud database and automated systems for order attendance and reporting

Why Plexima?

We are the exclusive partner for hundreds of applications and systems worldwide.

Turnkey and worry-free

We will guide you through a proven process from the initial analysis, through system implementation to administration and optimization.

We have implemented dozens of projects

We have experience in the field of application and CRM system implementations since 2000. Over these years, we have spent more than 70,000 working hours in systems, which makes us familiar with all the possibilities and pitfalls.

We provide long-term service

One of our principles is long-term partnership and customer satisfaction. That's why we provide a long-term service, where we are always available for any improvements.

Tabidoo implementation procedure

Check out the Tabidoo implementation best practice.

1. step

Demo version, demonstration or initial contact

As a first step, we'll get you acquainted: we'll give you demo access or show you what the system looks like.

2. step

Audit your requirements and qualification needs

We will then audit your requirements and qualify your needs, based on which we will suggest a method of implementation.

3. step

We will present a proposal for implementation

During the presentation, we will show you how the application will be implemented in your company and guide you through the entire implementation process.

4. step


As part of the implementation, we will customize your application and make all connections of external services to the system. We will also set up all automation processes.

5. step

Optimisation and customer care

After handing over your new system, we will arrange a follow-up evaluation of its use and possible optimization. In case you need any adjustments or modifications to the system, we are always at your disposal.


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