Complete customer overview, effective lead management, more sales, clear analytics and evaluation.

Get a complete overview of your customer, effective lead or order management, clear analytics and more sales.

Creatio transforms chaos into order and order

Marketing processes

Effective management of your marketing

Automatic collection of incoming leads into one system.
Overview of the lead flow through your sales funnel.
Přehledné grafy a nástěnky pro analyzování efektivity vašeho online marketingu.
Business agenda

Convenient and consistent record keeping for your business

Faster deal closing with defined processes.
Automate the routine activities of your sales department.
Control the entire business process and monitor results in real time.
Customer care

Timely and more personal customer care

Increase your customer loyalty through timely and fast response.
Managing customer requirements and automating them through system processes.
A more personal approach to your customers, with quality information in one place.

Who is the solution suitable for?

B2B Services

Financial Services

Real Estate




What the complex Creatio system can do

Marketingové procesy

Kompletní přehled o zákazníkovi

Marketingové procesy

Kompletní přehled o zákazníkovi

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Ocenění CRM/ERP systému Creatio


“Společnost Creatio je již třetím rokem po sobě oceněna společností Gartner jako lídr v oblasti automatizace prodejních sil. Inspiruje nás, že všestrannost a agilita naší platformy umožňuje prodejním týmům z různých odvětví globálně uzavírat obchody snadněji a rychleji díky tomu, že umožňuje zrychlenou automatizaci pracovních postupů pomocí no-code nástrojů a kompozitního přístupu k vývoji prodejních aplikací.”

Katherine Kostereva,
zakladatelka a generální ředitelka společnosti Creatio

One platform to automate workflows and no code CRM with a maximum degree of freedom

Selected references of implementations

Take a look at selected project examples.

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Why Plexima?

We are the exclusive partner for hundreds of applications and systems worldwide.

Turnkey and worry-free

We will guide you through a proven process from the initial analysis, through system implementation to administration and optimization.

We have implemented dozens of projects

We have experience in the field of application and CRM system implementations since 2000. Over these years, we have spent more than 70,000 working hours in systems, which makes us familiar with all the possibilities and pitfalls.

We provide long-term service

One of our principles is long-term partnership and customer satisfaction. That's why we provide a long-term service, where we are always available for any improvements.

CRM/ERP system implementation process

Take a look at the best practices for implementing the Creatio CRM/ERP system.

1. Krok

Demo version, demonstration or initial contact

As a first step, we'll introduce you to Creatio: give you demo access or show you what the system looks like.

2. Krok

Audit your requirements and qualification needs

We will then audit your requirements and qualify your needs, based on which we will suggest a way to implement the Creatio CRM/ERP system.

3. Krok

We will present a draft implementation of Creatio

During the presentation, we will show you how Creatio will be implemented in your company and guide you through the entire implementation process.

4. Krok

CRM/ERP system implementation

V rámci implementace vám upravíme Creatio na míru a provedeme veškerá napojení externích služeb na CRM/ERP systém. Také nastavíme veškeré automatizační procesy.

5. Krok

Optimisation and customer care

After handing over your new CRM/ERP system, we will arrange a follow-up evaluation of its use and possible optimization. Should you need any adjustments or modifications to the system, we are always available.


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